5 Indicators That Your Home Has Water Damage

Stopping water damage begins with knowing what to search for. You should inspect your home for water damage every few months. As soon as you observe the following signs listed below, you should have them repaired right away to stop aggravating the damages. Below are some of the most typical indicators you can experience if your home has water damage: 

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Your ceilings, walls, or flooring changes 

Since water in ceilings and walls might be apparent at times, it could easily fail to notice the most typical indicators. Water damage’s early warning signs are bubbling or peeling wallpaper or paint. As time passes, they start to get swollen and bloated and they might even warp. In serious scenarios, ceilings and walls might feel spongy once you touch it.  

Apparent mold or stains 

Mold and stains are one of the possible water damage signs. Usually, stains buildup once there is a continuous and slow leak, while mold will become visible once places are continually damp. A lot of water stains are brown to yellowish in color and they usually enlarge in irregular forms from the water leak source. These kinds of stains can usually be seen in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements since these areas contain several pipes and it basically uses plenty of water. 

Must odors 

If you have water damage, the odor is typically the same as wet cardboard or newspaper and is usually the strongest near the space where the water damage happened. Also, the affected area might feel humid or damp, depending on the area’s temperature, the season, and the cause of water damage. Once you observe a musty smell in your home, take some time to check the place and search for some indicators of water damage, such as stains or mold. 

Increased utility consumption 

One of the indicators of water damage is when you can see a sudden increase in your sewage or water bill. If you suspect that your bill went overboard that the usual, check your current bill and compare it to the previous one you had. Consider the life events that might result in you to get increased water usage or electricity consumption. This way, you can assess whether the increase is normal or not/  

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How to Guarantee That Your Car Won’t Be Damaged While it’s Towed?

It’s always a hassle to have your car towed. The fact that your vehicle broke down in the middle of the road alone can make it really inconvenient and stressful as you want for roadside assistance to arrive. Though this could be naturally infuriating, things could become even worse. There is a possibility that your vehicle could wind up being extremely damaged while it is being towed by your chosen towing company. 

Not all of us know that towing a vehicle that broke down can wind up having more damages aside from the reason that made a breakdown possible. Hence, you must take some time to do a few adjustments to your car to make sure that it’s safe and prepared to be towed by towing services. If you fail to do so, expect to get additional damage. Here are 3 ways you can guarantee that your car won’t be damaged once being towed: 

Roll up your car windows 

This step is usually forgotten by many drivers while their vehicles are being towed but you still need to guarantee that you’ve to wind up all the windows in your car. This can keep any particles and dust to be kicked up into the car and at the back of the tow truck near me. This could require additional cleaning and damage to upholstery,  

Release your car’s emergency brake 

Every time you contact a tow truck company, you are already aware that your vehicle won’t go anywhere on its own will. Hence, you might believe that it’s only reasonable to put the brake on. Although you should refrain from doing this since it could wind up harming the vehicle once it’s being towed with the old method of towing using two wheels on the road.  

Once you take off the brake, the vehicle will be secured to be towed using the method of traditional two wheels on the road. This makes sure that your brakes won’t get damaged during the entire towing process. This could be performed in park as well but you still have to make sure that the non-driving wheels are on the ground as you deal with an automated transmission. Cars with manual transmission don’t have any problems to be towed on any wheels in park with the brake off. 

If your vehicle is towed using a flatbed, the brakes will be less problematic since wheels won’t be on the road. However, you still need to make sure that it’s off once the car is hoisted. A skilled tow truck driver must let you know about this matter.  

Take pictures 

It is always highly suggested for vehicle owners to take photos of your vehicle before it gets towed. Since almost all carry smartphones with us, it is easier to take some brief snaps of your vehicle’s condition before it was picked up by the towing company. This will provide you some sort of protection if by chance your vehicle will be further damaged after it was towed and sent back to you.   

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